Hudson Valley, the premier agricultural center in the East Coast. That’s where is at. All of us hustlers in the city rush to union square farmers market to see if we can get a piece of it. But what if it was right here for us? What if the smells inspired our actual surroundings, our Hudson valley ducks were a walk away and required a farmer’s handshake at pick up? What if we tasted the sweetness of the carrots in our own backyard, found greens that prickle our tongue, sweet, sour and everything in between. Every shade of potatoes under the sun, fiddlehead ferns that go beyond a one week phenomenon…. A world of flavor at every turn and in every season. We are here to get closer to the heart of Hudson Valley, a place where we pay homage to the ingredients found in this very rich, very precious soil that was once called Butterfield.

This is Hudson Valley food,

accented by our Latin American backgrounds and by the crazy energy of our dear New York City. But its not about us, really, its about the Ingredients and we won’t tame them. We’ll let the powerful rich flavors have a voice, a stage and their own heart beat.